Puma Electric Chain Saw

Electronic Pruning by CAMPAGNOLA

PUMA Electric Chain Saw

Electronic Chain Saw

The electro-mechanical Puma chain saw is powerful, light, extremely fast and noiseless. It can be used either hand-held or assembled on one of its special extension poles (fixed: 170 cm – telescopic: either 140-200 cm or 180-240 cm). It can prune any kind of plant. Now available with an 8″ bar and ¼” chain, automatically lubricated by means of a membrane pump.

Technical Data

  • Electronically controlled brushless motor
  • Maximum absorption: 38 amper electronically limited
  • Bar and chain automatic lubrication
  • Motor power: 800 W
  • Ergonomic hand grip
  • 8 ” barpumachain
  • ¼” chain
  • Weight: PUMA.2100 (hand-held) – 1800 g
  • PUMA.2105 (w/fixed ext) – 2680 g
  • PUMA.2150 (w/med telescopic ext) – 3360 g
  • PUMA.2155 (w/long telescopic ext) – 3560 g

All the Safety You Need

Puma is equipped with all the necessary devices complying with the current safety rules, such as the inertial brake, which instantly locks the chain, and the automatic active safety, which avoids any accidental starting of the tool. Moreover, there are three built-in protection devices in case of:

  • Pole inversion when connecting the power supply cable to the battery
  • Motor overheating
  • Excessive current absorption

When, for example, the operator applies too much pressure while cutting, the chain speed decreases, and the red light flashes. Having been notified, the operator can decrease the pressure until the light turns green again, allowing full speed of the chain to finish the cut.