Electronic Battery-Powered Pruners

Electronic Pruning by CAMPAGNOLA
Cobra Evo

Cobra Evo

Electronic Shear

The new generation Cobra EVO and Pony EVO Electronic Pruning Shears are built for speed, power, and ultimate comfort. Lightweight, with an ergonomic grip and perfect balance, the shears are operated by a very lightweight and powerful lithium-ion battery – at 51 volts, the most powerful in the industry.

The Cobra offers 4 cutting modes:

  • 100% automatic – Open to maximum cutting capacity, the blade closes and opens automatically in one complete cutting cycle at the touch of the trigger.
  • 70% automatic – The blade opens to 70% of cutting capacity – for making smaller cuts faster.
  • 40% automatic – The blade opens even less – for extremely small cuts and increased speed.
  • Proportional – This is the suggested mode for precision tasks.
    The result is a progressive cut – the blade movement is controlled by the operators finger pressure on the trigger. This mode guarantees optimum safety while cutting.
Pony Evo

Pony Evo

Technical Data

  • Cobra EVO Shear weight: 910 g  (2.02 lb)
  • Pony EVO Shear weight: 770 g  (1.70 lb)
  • Cobra EVO Cutting Capacity: 35 mm (1.38″)
  • Pony EVO Cutting Capacity:  25 mm (1.00″)
  • Battery weight: 1.7 kg (3.70 lb)
  • Battery voltage: 51 v
  • Battery Endurance: 10/14 hours
  • Battery recharge time:  8 hours
  • Battery charger: automatic, electronically controlled
  • Ergonomic body/hand grip unit with anti-slip rubber


Cobra Kit

Cobra Kit

Cobra EVO and Pony EVO Kit

  • Shear
  • Electronics
  • Lithium-Ion battery
  • Backpack
  • Battery-charger
  • Carrying Case