Mid-size Shear

Pneumatic Pruning by CAMPAGNOLA


For Fruit Trees and Ornamentals


The model SE-4 is the industry’s #1 Pneumatic Pruning Shear for fruit trees and ornamentals. It is a rugged and lightweight shear built for speed, easy handling, and precision cutting. The shear is equipped with an extension pole for better reach and accessibility. A telescopic extension pole is recommended for even greater flexibility.

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Tech Specs & Diagrams


SE-4-02T w/ telescopic extension (3’4″-4’11″)
SE-4-04T w/ telescopic extension (4’11″-8’3″)
SE-4-06T w/ telescopic extension (6’7″-10’10″)
SE-4-02 w/ .5m (1’8″) extension
SE-4-04 w/ 1m (3’4″) extension
SE-4-05 w/ 1.5m (4’11”) extension
SE-4-06 w/ 2m (6’7″) extension
SE-4-09 w/ 2.5m (8’3″) extension