Small Volume Olive Mills

Olive Mills by OLIOMIO

For Small Volume Producers

The beautifully designed OLIOMIO® mills are very compact with automatic, non-stop olive processing stages in a single structure. The small continuous flow plants employ all of the extraction processes of a large milling operation in a reduced platform.

Oliomio compact mills range in processing capacity from 50 lbs/hr up to 400 lbs/hr.

Operation is very easy: once the olives have been properly cleaned and washed they are poured into the receiving hopper where a screw feeds them to the crusher that reduces the olives into a paste. The paste falls into a lower mixer, where a helicoidally shaped stirrer prepares it for extraction. A pump then sends the paste to a decanter where separation takes place – extra virgin olive oil pours from a spout on the front of the machine and the paste exits the back.


  • two-stage system: oil outlet and husk/vegetation water discharge together
  • 220V standard electric motors for mills and accessories
  • Hammer mill/olive crusher
  • Enclosed horizontal kneader (mixer)
  • variable speed setting for delivery into decanter
  • Fluxmeter for water flow regulation inlet into the decanter
  • Centrigual decanter with adjustable oil outlet nozzles
  • Worm conveyor for husk discharge
  • Easily remove side covers for cleaning

Optional: Loader, washer, defoliant unit, oil pump (transfers oil to storage tanks) with optional filter, paste pump